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Archives 88 – Editors’ Note

Editors’ Note In a time when attachment to the world and its wealth seems to many to be out of reasonable control, Winter Issue #88 SUFI explores the many facets of the act of (more…)

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Archives 88 – Detachment

by Alireza Nurbakhsh Having worldly possessions and comforts is not incompatible with the state of detachment in Sufism. It is not the possessions that obscure our vision. (more…)

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Winter Issue: Sufism

Issue #86 features CARL ERNST Interview on Sufism, RUMI Beyond Religion, DISCOURSE Spiritual Yearning LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE Adab-Sufi Etiquette, JOHN L. CAUGHEY An American Ethnographer in a Sufi Community, (more…)

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The Illusion of Self

by Alireza Nurbakhsh Each of us tends to think of him- or herself as a distinct being, a “self” that is both separate from other people and separate from our bodies and our perceptions, thoughts and feelings. (more…)

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Meditation in Motion

by Kabir Helminski “Sema is to struggle with the notion of one’s self, like a dying, bloodstained bird, fluttering in the dust.”  -Jalaluddin Rumi. (more…)

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Jessika Kenney: Singing from the Heart

For Issue #84 of SUFI, singer Jessika Kenney shared with us her journey from singing jazz in her teens, through her musical explorations in Indonesia, to her discovery and love affair with Persian music and culture. (more…)

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