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Issue 88 Featured Website Poet


is a Computer Engineer who lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



With souls engulfed and hidden
in Your love, this is our Sama  

We are ruined; what separation,
or union!? this is our Sama  

Dead to our desires, drenched
in blood and far from all, this is our Sama  

The twists and turns of this
world are nothing to us, this is our Sama  

Clinging to Your wings with hearts soaring
in your love, this is our Sama   

Mesmerized by Your beauty, with
only half a glance at the lifeless self, this is our Sama  

Wrapped in Your remembrance
with our every particle dancing in ecstasy, this is our Sama


Featured Poet: Jo Going

JO GOING’s poem ‘Epiphany’ was originally printed in our Divine Love Issue of SUFI (81). Jo’s book of poems and paintings, “Wild Cranes,’ won the Library Fellows Award and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.