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Issue 88 Featured Artist

Maimouna-Portrait3-lowresPATRIZIA MAïMOUNA GUERRESI

is an Italian-born multimedia artist working with photography, sculpture, video and installation, who lives between Verona, Milan and Dakar. In the early 1990s, Guerresi traveled to Africa, where she encountered Muslim culture, and eventually joined the Senegal Muridiyya Sufi order. Over the last two decades, her art has focused on empowering women and exhibiting a context of universal human values and conditions that is situated beyond psychological, cultural, and political borders. Maïmouna
has been extensively exhibited in solo and curated shows all over Europe, America, India, and the Middle East. maimounaguerresi.com.

Issue 88 Front Cover Artwork

Turning to Hafez


by Jila Peacock

I was born in Tehran to an English mother and Iranian father, and, although English was my mother tongue, my first written language was Persian, which I studied from the age of seven at my Iranian primary school. I remember being introduced at that time to snippets of Ferdousi in my first textbooks, to Sa‘di, my father’s favorite poet, and Edward Fitzgerald’s translations of Khayyam, which my mother would always recite by heart. My introduction to Hafiz came much later in life.