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Archives 89 – Tibetan Buddhism

8-VALENTINE-Sliderby Jay Valentine

Teacher-Student Relationships in Tibetan Buddhism. The importance of a strong relationship with an authentic teacher is absolutely essential. In the esoteric traditions, the lama comes to be the student’s physical and spiritual connection to the lineage of masters

Archives 89 – Irada / Devotion

89-IRADA-SLIDERby H. Talat Halman

The Space Where Sufism Happens. The disciple must become a lover of the Master’s sainthood, so that he can depart from the power of his own longing, and the desirer (murid, i.e. the disciple) can become the one desired (murad, the Master). — Gharib

Archives 89 – Transcendent Being or Fallible Human?

[caption id="attachment_9791" align="alignright" width="300"]Monuments and Heritage sites Monuments and Heritage sites[/caption]

by Angela Burt

In Search of the Authentic Guru in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition. The qualities and qualifications of a guru who is worthy of offering guidance and who can help the disciple to become free from material existence

Rumi and “Islam”

RMN212879CEReconsidered – The Light of God Beyond Religion by Jawid Mojaddedi

If one defines the issue as the relationship between Rumi’s teachings and that of the ulama,

Sufi Etiquette

ADAB2“Adab” – Sufi Etiquette in the Outer and Inner Worlds by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“Adab” is a code of behavior that is central to Sufism, a way to walk the Sufi path with the correct attitude and true courtesy.

Mirror of Consciousness


An American Ethnographer in a Sufi Community by John L. Caughey

“I was entranced.  It was like coming to a place I had dreamed about, a true home.”


SUFI86_MASTER_ART_FILE-4DEC2013MH.inddby Charlotte Heckscher

Most people go to Egypt to see the pyramids, but I believe I have come here for the rare pleasure of sitting at a café in Khan al Khalili,

Baaghy and the Special Cargo

BAAGHYSCARGO500x240Baaghy and the Special Cargo: Some Kind of Story by Martin Harris

The onion tree had stood just inside the gates of the Sufi house for maybe 300 years,