Why Ants Do One Thing at a Time

SJ77-WhyAntsDoOneThingAtATimeby Anonymous

The other day I went out for a breath of fresh air and a break.  Often, I walk up to the shed and squat on its concrete base.  That day, while basking in the autumn sun, something caught my eye.  What happened next, I’ll never forget! It was a wake-up call.  But I’ll explain that in a sec…!

Often our expectations are based on surface observation and not on “truth”. Lots of times I catch myself leaving something I’m supposed to do and go for a new project, falling for a mirage of a better and “Sugary” prospect. Be honest, haven’t you done this too?

Days, weeks, months and even years go by and one day… One day you’re thinking: “Oh! What happened to my dreams and goals?”

Anyhow, I waited a long time to catch a second ant falling for the sugar.

None of them ever did.

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