Spiritual Empowerment

SJ78-SpiritualEmpowermentby Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

All Human beings carry within themselves a light that belongs to God. This light is our most precious substance. It is our divine essence, our true nature. It is also potentially the most powerful force in the universe, as it contains the power of the divine, the Source of all that is created.

Knowing that we are one reconnects us with the whole life in every moment, and in this reconnection we both empower and are empowered.  Our spiritual light is the light of the whole, and our light is also in service to the whole.

It is time for humanity to reclaim the knowledge of how the divine works within creation.  It is time for us to step into spiritual adulthood and realize the true meaning of co-creationism:  our divine light working with the divine light within creation.  It is up to us: if we do not take this step, a door will remain closed, and the soul of the world will know the despair of a lost opportunity.  If we respond to the call of the times, we will play our part in the miracle of life being reborn.

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