12 Cool Hidden Features Of iOS 7

iOS 7. We’ve had the rumours, we’ve had the help-the-newness-of-it-all-is-making-me-feel-sick phase, now it’s time for the tips and tricks.

Apple’s new operating system has refreshed the asthetics of your iPhone, but it’s also added several small, cool features and sorted out some old bugs we like the grumble about.

If you haven’t given in and updated yet, here’s 12 reasons why you should.

  1. Quit multiple apps at once
    Closing down apps to preserve battery life was one of the early ‘little known iPhone tips’. Now you can close several at a time. Double click the home button as usual, then use three fingers to swipe three apps at once.
  2. Use the Instagram crop in camera mode
    The camera app can now take square photos, meaning whatever plate of food, Autumnal scene or vacuous selfie you want to share with the world on Instagram will always appear in full.
  3. In built spirit level
    A niche tool, admittedly, but useful none the less. The compass app now also acts as a spirit level, meaning you can not only navigate your way around the world but perfectly straighten every picture you see on your way.
  4. Siri can be corrected
    If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind using voice activation on your mobile phone in public, at least you can now do it more accurately. Siri – whose voice you can also change – can be taught to get things right with a stern ‘that’s not how you pronounce that’. So now you can only talk to your phone, but tell it off, too.
  5. Set your own vibrations
    Too much of a maverick for the basic 4/4 beat? OK jazz man, just go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration and you can set the iPhone to tickle your thigh to your own rhythm.
  6. Block whoever you like
    Debt collectors, charity workers and unhinged exes can all now be block from your life for good via a handy new tool – just go to Settings>Phone>Blocked to get started.
  7. Text message time stamps that last forever
    Settling an argument? Writing your autobiography? Providing a police alibi? All can be aided by the fact time stamps now last on every text message you send or receive forever, by just sliding them to the left.
  8. The clock icon is a now real clock
    With a ticking second hand, and everything.
  9. Maps has a night mode
    To help cut down on fatal car accidents and muggings, Apple maps now has a handy night mode, meaning the display will be darker and less distracting at certain times.
  10. Unlimited folder space
    A great one for all you OCD sufferers out there. You can now places as many app icons in a single folder as you want, meaning your home screen can be as neat and tidy as you are.
  11. Automatic app updates
    No more going into iTunes to get the latest version of Tinder – you can set your iPhone to be constantly updating apps automatically.
  12. Birthday wishes
    The iPhone is now a bit cannier with the information you give it, meaning if you tell it your address, it can remind you to do things when you get home. Tragically, if you tell it your date of birth it will wish you well when the day arrives. You popular guy, you.

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