The Rose of Shiraz

SJ77-TheRoseofShirazby Jeffrey Rothschild

“Just look at me, Master!”  Hafiz exclaimed that night as we sat there drinking tea.  “I am an old man, and my wife and son are both long since gone.  Tell me, for I have no idea, what have I attained by being your faithful devotee, your obedient disciple and servant, all these many years without any complaint whatsoever of need for recompense.”

I fully expected the Master to explode in some fashion at Hafiz for his brashness, even if just for the sake of show.  But something in Hafiz’ tone must have hit the mark because the Master became extremely gentle with him, saying, “My son, you must be patient on this path and wait without expectation of any achievement or reward, for it is not you who is being patient at all but rather Him being patient through you.”

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