Tag: Meditation

The Illusion of Self


by Alireza Nurbakhsh

Each of us tends to think of him- or herself as a distinct being, a “self” that is both separate from other people and separate from our bodies and our perceptions, thoughts and feelings.


by Dani Kopoulus

One lonely string is plucked, and plays.
The tone is utterly intimate, though never heard before.
It opens the door and welcomes, knowingly.

Dani Kopoulus takes us on a journey deep into the mind and soul of one darvish meditating upon god and the master, swept up in the sounds of the music of a sufi sama session. The transcendent melodies and rhythms that surround her bring forth a stream of thoughts and images that flow from a burning heart and return to the silence of the breath.


(Photomontage Martin Harris)

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It was written in beautiful Persian calligraphy and was placed above the door of the old Tehran khaniqah. I first noticed it when I was a child: sokout dam ghanimat ast, “silence: the breath is precious.”