Spiritual Ecology

Ta Prohm temple with giant banyan tree at Angkor Wat complex SieThe New Revolution in Consciousness
by Les Sponsel

Some environmentalists have been accused of being alarmists for their predictions of global catastrophe, but the scientific case for climate change has continued to spell a need for urgent action. However, there is an opportunity embedded within this call for us to re-examine and adapt the way we live: it could be the catalyst that generates a revolution in consciousness with consequent changes in lifestyles, economies, politics, societies, cultures, and religions for the better. Increased happiness, better equality, and healthier communities are all potential gains within our grasp. If these changes are undertaken voluntarily pursuing reliable information and sustainable green practices, then the short- and long-term costs will be less expensive and painful for everyone. Otherwise, nature will simply force change with far higher costs and suffering as part of some new equilibrium for our home planet.

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