Sain Zahoor


“There are people who walk the earth as if they have walked upon it for centuries. Sain Zahoor is one of them.”

~ from the full article by Sheniz Janmohamed in SUFI #83

A living repository of the poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah, a 17th century Punjabi poet famous for his heart-rendering poetry, Sain Zahoor is known for his incredible voice and humble origins in a Sufi shrine in the Pakistani town of Uch Sharif. Since winning the BBC’s Voice of the Year 2006, he has travelled widely bringing his Sufi music and the poetry of Bulleh Shah to people across the globe, playing some of the most prestigious venues and festivals on the international touring circuit.

(Photo of Sain Zahoor by Shelly Jain)

Here’s the performance that brought him to the world’s attention:

Sain Zahoor – BBC 2006 World Music Award – Allah Hoo

(Sain Zahoor photo by Shelly Jain)

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