Issue 88 Featured Poet

CONTRIBS_john_wolf lowresJOHN WOLF

writes and photographs from the western suburbs of Chicago. Since his initiation by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj in 1971, he has practiced meditation and spirituality in the Sant Mat tradition.


I Thought I Could Follow

In my innocence and naiveté
I thought I could follow
your flashing footsteps
over oceans and past moons.

I had many loves before
and a heart strong with trials
so when your face appeared
I was sure I could follow.

But you turned out to be a god
and your standard of faith so high.
Watching from the shore of eternity
I knew I could not follow.

Still, I am alive in your sea;
your love swims in my heart.
What can I do but want you.
What can I do but follow.