Fly First Class

SJ78-FlyFirstClass by Anonymous

Psss..t! Want to learn an odd secret? Let me show you how to buy economy, but Fly First Class!

This is not a joke or a prank, and for sure it isn’t sales copy. I’m serious! Lots of people bump into this secret daily, but they don’t get it. So open your ears and listen for once!

I’ve an inquisitive mind, and once it notices something worthy of investigation, it will not let go till the mystery is solved.  I couldn’t figure out why I was relishing every morsel with this almost total stranger.  I began to wonder whether I was being drugged or even hypnotized!  I’m not exaggerating; there was something magical in operation which I could not figure out.

If you live to be eighty, you’ll probably go through 29,219 breakfasts! How many of your breakfasts conjure up feelings like that?  Well, I certainly cannot recall many in my case.

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