Featured Poet: Roger Loff

ROGER LOFF studied Journalism and Politics at New York University and now lives in Oakdale California. He works as a mental health clinician in the Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall. His poetry appears in Issue 82 of SUFI.


Please, generous
Generous One
take me
from The Place of Pilgrimage
to The Place of Sacrifice!
The soles of my feet are thick
like cowhide
and my face is sweaty
and covered with dust.
I have no more prayers
to offer
and my neck fits
so snugly on Your Block.
Let others fight the fight
and share in the spoils.
I am so worn down
by Separation
that I throw my existence away gladly
at Your feet.
Teach me the songs
Adam’s heart sang
on The Day of Exile.
Assign me my place
among The Placeless
and I will vanish

To Love

You cannot even hope
to reach Him.
You can only travel joyfully
beyond yourself
to that place where angels
shout your name-
God’s secret name for you
and further still
to a place beyond measure-
beyond meaning-

to Love!


Start filling
from Him
in everything visible!
For example,
let an orchid
be the absolute
highest passion…
…a love rocket
the gravitational pull
of your reason!
you’ll fall
(I am)
as His beauty
overcomes you.
Plead for nothing
but more
and His perfume.


If you need my whereabouts (folly!)
I’m reeking of dregs
and senseless
at the bottom of the barrel.
I’d heard rumors
the wine master
scrapes there first
before starting his next batch!
(Photo by Ivan Olelenko)