Archives 88 – Darkness Has Fallen

by Sister Miriam MacGillisBrainbow Hippocampus in Blues Webf

On the hillside is a ceremonial space called the Path of the Fourfold Wisdom, which Thomas Berry describes as a fourfold legacy of human wisdom we can draw from in this moment. It exists as the universal, collective memory of every person who lives because we are derived out of an unbroken sequence of humans who have lived before us and who wove the various webs of meaning in the long journey of our species to know, to feel, to imagine, to dream, to act and to create all aspects of the inward and outward world created by our species. We do have memory, what Berry describes as a cultural DNA. This memory has built itself over the long evolutionary journey we have navigated as a species, from our origins in the Paleolithic period of human history, through generations of matrilineal consciousness, through the more recent period of the classical cultures and religions and into the present moment of scientific discovery of the origin and structure of the universe.

We are trying to be aware and present to the teeming communities of life in this valley. We are trying to learn a manner of presence that Thomas Berry describes as “mutually enhancing.” None of us knows how to do that. Buy the current issue to read the entire article.

artwork ©Greg Dunn


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