Contents May Shift / Instructions for Contemplative Movement

ContentsMayShiftby Asimina Chremos and Dani Kopoulos

Loosen, sway, take deep breaths. Prepare. Feel your bare feet on the floor.


Shift all the weight over the sole of your left foot.

Feel the pressure as the flesh spreads out slightly against the ground. Imagine that spreading even larger, even deeper towards the center of the earth.


Contents May Shift: Instructions for Contemplative Movement is a creative non-fiction piece which takes the reader on a guided visualization through improvisatory movement. The reader is invited to riff as gravity, circumstances, and outlook change and swirl. Moments are tracked and observed, moving from limb to limb, from head to toe, from outside to inside to back out again. The writing follows the ebb and flow of bodily motion, the meandering of the mental process, and the questions and answers of the spirit.

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