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90 Winter Issue 2016

90Editors'NoteEditors’ Note
This, the 90th edition of SUFI, shines a light on how the skeins of human experience can untangle to reveal a glimpse of spiritual truth,


Buddhist monk plays with a tiger at the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua, otherwise known as Tiger Temple, in Kanchanaburi provinceby Alireza Nurbakhsh

My father who was also my master once told me that it is better to be devoted to a cat than to nothing at all. Actually, the Persian

Troubled Waters

by Mark Nepo

Robert is a man of pure yet troubled spirit and we have journeyed far these thirty years, waiting and watching for each other

Losing the Narrative Self

90EdmondsonSliderWebsiteby Philip Edmondson

A fundamental goal in Sufism and other Asian spiritual traditions is losing the self and merging with the Absolute. Based on personal

Sufism in Practice

90GregoryInterviewSliderWebsiteInterview with a Sufi Shaykh
by Mary Gossy

MG: One usually associates transcendence with a movement away from being human, not as part of

The Prophet

90CSGibranSliderWebsiterA new animation of Kahlil Gibran’s bestselling classic

ROGER ALLERS in conversation with Sholeh Johnston & Melissa Rothmann

Spearheaded by