CultureWatch: Planetary

87Planetary-SpaceStationNASATowards a Cosmic World View:
An Interview with the Founders of Planetary Collective
by Sholeh Johnston

In 2011, old school friends Guy Reid, Christoph Ferstad, and Steve Kennedy set out to challenge the misperception

Summer Issue 2014

SUFI87_MASTER_ART_FILE_MAY2014-05.inddSUFI Issue #87-ENVIRONMENT features LES SPONSEL on Spiritual Ecology, SEEKING THE KOGI a journey in Colombia, artist ANDY GOLDSWORTHY photo essay, and an interview with SATISH KUMAR on his New Ecological Paradigm.

Winter Issue: Sufism

#86MASTERCOVERTOPCROPPEDIssue #86 features CARL ERNST Interview on Sufism, RUMI Beyond Religion, DISCOURSE Spiritual Yearning LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE Adab-Sufi Etiquette, JOHN L. CAUGHEY An American Ethnographer in a Sufi Community,

Spiritual Yearning

#86DISCOURSE-2A Discourse by Alireza Nurbakhsh

In Sufism the state of spiritual yearning (“talab”) is the force that drives an individual on the path towards perfection.

Carl Ernst Interview

INTERVIEW-2Sufism: History, Politics and Culture

Would Rumi feel shocked or amused by the popularity of his writing in the world?

Rumi and “Islam”

RMN212879CEReconsidered – The Light of God Beyond Religion by Jawid Mojaddedi

If one defines the issue as the relationship between Rumi’s teachings and that of the ulama,

Sufi Etiquette

ADAB2“Adab” – Sufi Etiquette in the Outer and Inner Worlds by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“Adab” is a code of behavior that is central to Sufism, a way to walk the Sufi path with the correct attitude and true courtesy.

Mirror of Consciousness


An American Ethnographer in a Sufi Community by John L. Caughey

“I was entranced.  It was like coming to a place I had dreamed about, a true home.”